I am a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher and I have been teaching Yoga for 4 years; 2 years as a trainee teacher whilst I completed my course and for 2 years as a qualified teacher.

My Yoga journey began when I was 18 years old at University when I started attending classes put on by another student. As my practice developed my passion for Yoga grew quickly. In my early twenties I decided to train to become a Yoga teacher to further my understanding and share my experiences. Yoga is a way of life that encompasses positivity, freedom and strength. It has not only made my body flexible and strong but has given me the courage to pursue my dreams off the mat. I love to share my practice with others so teaching comes very naturally to me. I am a diverse teacher and I like to include all aspects of Hatha Yoga in classes including; pranayama, asana, vinyasa, meditation, relaxation and Yoga philosophy.

I am currently available for one to one classes as well as group sessions. 

Previously I have taught classes at Shoreditch Spa as well as setting up classes in various East London locations that I ran myself. Please get in touch via email zbishton@gmail.com Look forward to hearing from you!

As well as teaching Yoga I work as a social media strategist. Yoga helps me balance a busy life in new media. 

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